2 adjective
level2 S1 W2
1 flat and not sloping in any direction:
The floors in the old house were not completely level.
a level surface suitable for wheelchairs
a) two things that are level are at the same height as each other
level with
Your eyes should be level with the top of the screen.
The curtains aren't quite level.
b) British English two sports teams, competitors etc that are level have the same number of points
level with
Before the weekend, Madrid was level with Barcelona.
They finished level, with ten points each.
c) having the same value or position as something or someone else
level with
Borrowing rates rose to over 8%, roughly level with those in America.
He cycled along beside her, keeping level.

do your level best (to do something)

to try as hard as possible to do something:
I'll do my level best to help you.

a level voice/look/gaze

a steady voice, look etc, that shows you are calm or determined

level teaspoon/cup etc (of something)

DFC an amount of a substance that fills a spoon, cup etc to the top but no more, used as a measure in cooking:
Add one level teaspoon of salt.

➔ heaped teaspoon etc

at heaped

➔ draw level

at draw1 (11)

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