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leviathanle‧vi‧a‧than /lɪˈvaɪəθən/ noun [countable] literary  1 BIGsomething very large and strong a leviathan of a ship2 RFa very large and frightening sea animal
Examples from the Corpus
leviathanThe Governor's sanctum was a leviathan suffused with the same dreary red light.The justice game was never designed to be played between human beings and these corporate leviathans.It is the vast labor pool that global capitalism has tapped into that is the new leviathan.Moving underneath them, the whale then rises, gulping them down in one leviathan mouthful.He said oil slicks from the stricken leviathan still sometimes marred the bay.Chops' girlfriend continues watching the approaching doom of the churning waves in front of the leviathan.The busy galleries were attached to the ribs of the leviathan.What am I that I should assay to hood the nose of this leviathan!
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