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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlevitylev‧i‧ty /ˈlevəti/ noun [uncountable]  formalMAKE FUN OF lack of respect or seriousness when you are dealing with something serious opp gravity
Examples from the Corpus
levityThey'd had a long, hard, cold morning's work and levity took over.The woman was lively, even bawdy, but there was something reserved, steely, behind her levity.This was probably not the whole reason; for his levity and jocularity were well tuned for making enemies.Dr. Watkins brought some much-needed levity into his lecture on economic theory.It was a moment of levity amid tough trade negotiations.His stepbrother, half-scandalized and wholly impressed by Herbert's levity, never forgot the episode.The captain looked shocked at this levity but complied.But I must resist the temptation to treat so serious a matter with levity.
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