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lexicallex‧i‧cal /ˈleksɪkəl/ adjective technical  SLdealing with words, or related to words
Examples from the Corpus
lexicalThe keys for lexical access are stressed syllables in the word corresponding to the input syllable type.Further evidence that children are attentive to Conventionality comes from the repairs they make to their own lexical choices.For example, the validity of a string of phonemes depends on what is in the lexical data base.But one can not simply associate high lexical density with writing, and low lexical density with speaking.Since reports were in sign the lexical identification of individual items often derived from the other parameters.It involves retrieval of single items from a lexical output system of the kind described in Chapter 6.Instead, there would be a set of lexical rules indicating which affix had to be added to produce each inflected form.A full sense-spectrum is not a satisfactory lexical unit: it does not, for instance, enter into any recognised lexical relations.
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