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lexiconlex‧i‧con /ˈleksɪkən $ -kɑːn, -kən/ noun  1 the lexicon2 [countable]SL an alphabetical list of words with their meanings, especially on a particular subject or in a particular language a lexicon of geographical terms
Examples from the Corpus
lexiconThe use of a morphologically-based lexicon can lead to a large reduction in the storage requirements for the lexical information.Using the internal lexicon An orthographic analysis is not the only way of recognising and pronouncing a string of letters.In our lexicon, boring is even worse than bad.the political lexiconThe run-time application of syntactic information uses the transition matrices and the lexicon to rank the words in the lattice.Making full use of the shape information may also mean coding the lexicon by shape for ease of search.And what consequences do these principles have for children's acquisition of the lexicon?The lexicon is very large compared to many other systems.Before the hobbyists even integrated the word into their lexicon, Raskin was a student of interface.
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