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liability to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishliability to somethingliability to somethinglawEFFECT/INFLUENCE the amount by which something is likely to be affected by a particular kind of problem, illness etc liability
Examples from the Corpus
liability to somethingPoor, working fathers have literally been made financial liabilities to their families.Moreover, death caused by poisoning, the most pre-meditated of all murders, was exempted from liability to capital punishment.On his death there were then no freehold estates to pass and therefore no liability to feudal dues.Basic Rate Taxpayers will have no personal liability to Income Tax.Such clauses have no effect on the primary liability to the third party for the death or personal injury he has suffered.They unanimously held that on its wording it limited the sellers' liability to the cost of replacing the seed.If your tax liability to January 31 is £100 or less, the fixed penalty will be reduced to the amount payable.Patients could be admitted for care and treatment without any formalities and without liability to detention.
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