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liable to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishliable to do somethingliable to do somethingPROBABLYlikely to do or say something or to behave in a particular way, especially because of a fault or natural tendency syn likely The car is liable to overheat on long trips. He was liable to just show up without warning. liable
Examples from the Corpus
liable to do somethingParticipants who break any conditions are liable to arrest, conviction or a, 400 fine.But the hatred they aroused meant that they were liable to be brutally slaughtered if captured afterwards.The Blackshirts deliberately concentrated on those areas where there were liable to be violent counter-demonstrations.Schools will therefore be liable to lose pupils and funds if they fail to satisfy parents.This shows all those who are liable to pay community charge and specifies the particular type the individual will pay.Accountants will be held liable to third parties with whom they have no contractual or fiduciary relationship.Clerical Medical is liable to United Kingdom tax on the income and certain gains arising from the assets backing this policy.Act 1974 is liable to unlimited fines and/or up to two years imprisonment after conviction by a Crown Court.
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