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liberal arts

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liberal artsˌliberal ˈarts noun [plural] especially American English  SEthe areas of learning which develop someone’s ability to think and increase their general knowledge, rather than developing technical skills
Examples from the Corpus
liberal artsa liberal arts collegeCould City serve as an antipoverty program or a fine liberal arts college, but not both?By organizing computer training for liberal arts students generally, significant economies of scale can be achieved.In the public sector, many managers have liberal arts degrees in public administration or one of the social sciences.Although many employers prefer candidates to have a degree in business or engineering, some companies hire liberal arts graduates.There probably never has been a year that employers have knocked down the doors to hire liberal arts graduates.The first is to promote liberal arts higher education, both at general degree and sub-degree levels.Others are not employed directly by the ruling class and work in the liberal arts and service professions.Science and technology institutes tended to receive more investment than the liberal arts colleges.
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