2 noun
1 [countable usually singular]HB when you move your tongue across the surface of something:
Can I have a lick of your ice cream?

a lick of paint/colour/etc

a small amount of paint etc put onto the surface of something to improve its appearance:
It'll be okay after a lick of paint.

not a lick of something

American English old-fashioned not even a small amount of something:
Ann won't do a lick of work around the house.
4 [countable] informal part of a song played on a guitar:
a bluesy guitar lick

at a great/fair lick

British English informal very fast

give something a lick and a promise

a) British English to wash or clean something quickly and carelessly
b) American English to do a job quickly and carelessly
7 [countable] informal an act of hitting someone

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