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Language: Old English
Origin: hlid


Related topics: Daily Life, Human


[countable]D a cover for the open part of a pot, box, or other container
dustbin/saucepan etc lid
the name on the coffin lid
lid of
He carefully lifted the lid of the box.


[countable]HBH an eyelid

keep a/the lid on something

to control a situation very carefully, especially so that it does not cause problems:
keeping the lid on inflation
Kline keeps a very tight lid on his private life.

put a/the lid on something

informal to do something that finally stops something or ruins or ends someone's plans or hopes:
Let's put a lid on all these rumours.

take the lid off something

also lift the lid on something to let people know the true facts about a bad or shocking situation:
a documentary that takes the lid off the world of organized crime

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