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liddedlid‧ded /ˈlɪdɪd/ adjective  1 heavy-lidded eyes2 DCOVERa lidded container, pot etc has a lid
Examples from the Corpus
liddedOthers were in lidded baskets until it was their turn; more tied in sacks; a few buttoned into deep pockets.Use a spoon or introduce lidded beakers.To preserve Store preserved and dried material in well ventilated lidded boxes in dry conditions.Platter; lidded bread-bin; large hot water jug with half-lid Country-style interiors lend themselves to rich designs and colours.Desire warmed her blood, tingling through her veins at the expression in the dark, lidded gaze.Beside it was a chung, a lidded serving bowl, and two ordinary ch'a bowls.The product is usually packed in plastic lidded tubs, 10-20 kilos, in which a measuring scoop is provided.Some products are marketed in plastic lidded tubs and others, rarely, in 500g shakers.
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