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lie in wait (for somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlie in wait (for somebody)lie in wait (for somebody)a) HIDE/MAKE IT HARD TO FIND OR SEEto remain hidden in a place and wait for someone so that you can attack them a giant crocodile lying in wait for its prey b) FUTUREif something bad lies in wait for you, it is going to happen to you lie
Examples from the Corpus
lie in wait (for somebody)Life had always pulsated; death for ever lay in wait.Some real bargains lie in wait amongst the never-ending maze of stalls.He lay in wait for his father and wounded him terribly.She lay in wait for pain, expecting no rewards from people, and this made her a hopelessly disconcerting friend.There were pitched battles, so they lay in wait for you.But who knows also the beauty which lies in wait hereabouts, which led Williams and Bingley to make the climb?Everywhere, finally, social revolution lies in wait, showing its colours and sharpening its demands.One month ago, each new day had lain in wait to ambush Gabriel: he had woken up cringing.
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