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lie low

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlie lowlie lowa) HIDE/MAKE IT HARD TO FIND OR SEEto remain hidden because someone is trying to find you or catch you We’ll have to lie low until tonight. b) to wait and try not to be noticed by anyone He decided to lie low for a while after the report came out. lie
Examples from the Corpus
lie lowAnne thought Nina had found a hiding place and was lying low.But he knew something about lying low.Find a place to lie low.Mr Mitterrand, meanwhile, is lying low.For the students it becomes a period of morbid hibernation, lying low and waiting out the years.Weaver had been lying low at his sister's apartment for the past week.But Phil will never miss his football, not even if he has to lie low for a couple of months.Then we lay low for a while.If you don't want to go back to jail, you'd better lie low for a while.Brown seems to be lying low until the controversy passes.
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