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lieutenant colonel/general/governor etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlieutenant colonel/general/governor etclieutenant colonel/general/governor etcPGOan officer or official with the rank just below colonel, general2, governor etc lieutenant
Examples from the Corpus
lieutenant colonel/general/governor etcOne 12-year-old boy arrived, claiming to be a lieutenant colonel.He had been a lieutenant colonel in public relations in Baltimore.He landed at night, and was met at base ops by a lieutenant colonel.She is a nice enough lady whose husband is a lieutenant colonel, U. S. Army, retired.He retired, still a lieutenant general, in 1972.Three years as a legislative liaison, six years in the state senate, four tedious years as lieutenant governor.Short was a three-star lieutenant general commanding the Army in Hawaii.He found the lieutenant colonel, although only touching fifty, almost impossibly grand.
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