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life insuranceˈlife inˌsurance noun [uncountable]  BFIa type of insurance that someone makes regular payments into so that when they die their family will receive money syn life assurance
Examples from the Corpus
life insuranceBut alarming as the recent revelations are, the message should not be to forget about life insurance.And even if you already have private medical insurance and life insurance, you may still need Lloyds Bank Accident Cashguard.Conditions of service are good with a contributory pension scheme, subsidised canteen and free life insurance.Either way, it's bound to treble his life insurance payments.Because neither life insurance nor private health plans normally cover you against the financial consequences of a permanently disabling accident.Increase face value of life insurance.In addition, a number of books on life insurance are readily available at public libraries.Hancock also faces charges of misleading sales practices in a pending Florida lawsuit concerning variable life insurance policies written in the 1980s.
From Longman Business Dictionarylife insuranceˈlife inˌsurance [uncountable]INSURANCE insurance that pays out an amount when someone dies, or, with an ENDOWMENT POLICY, when someone reaches a particular age or dies SYN LIFE ASSURANCELife insurers will pay a total of $20 billion in AIDS death claims under individual life insurance policies by the end of the decade. insurance
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