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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlife-threateningˈlife-ˌthreatening adjective  a life-threatening situation, illness, or injury could cause a person to diefatalsee thesaurus at serious
Examples from the Corpus
life-threateningInitially, therefore, it is necessary to concentrate on the primary substance or process of addiction because this may be life-threatening.Slipping and injuring yourself in the bath is not only painful but life-threatening.Anxiety about life-threatening diseases, dead-end jobs and diminishing funds.Whether they are driving too fast or drinking and driving or using life-threatening drugs, teenagers frequently engage in risk-taking behavior.If the infection is unchecked, peritonitis may follow and gonorrhoea becomes a life-threatening emergency.Its role in alleviating the pain and distress of non life-threatening illness is ignored.The most critical is a life-threatening weakness in the aorta -- the major blood vessel from the heart.
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