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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlifestylelife‧style /ˈlaɪfstaɪl/ ●●○ noun [countable]  LIFEthe way a person or group of people live, including the place they live in, the things they own, the kind of job they do, and the activities they enjoy Regular exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle.lavish/comfortable/simple etc lifestyle They lead an extremely lavish lifestyle.COLLOCATIONSadjectivesa healthy lifestyleA healthy lifestyle includes taking exercise and not smoking.an active lifestyle (=in which you exercise)An active lifestyle has many health benefits.a sedentary lifestyle (=in which you sit down a lot and do not exercise much)A sedentary lifestyle can cause certain health problems.a lavish/extravagant lifestyle (=in which you buy or do expensive things)How can he afford such a lavish lifestyle?a comfortable lifestyle (=in which you have enough money to buy things you want)He enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle in his retirement.a simple lifestyle (=in which you do not have too many possessions or modern machines)He admired the simple lifestyle of the islanders.an alternative lifestyle (=one that is different from most people's)Is choosing to be green really an alternative lifestyle?a busy/hectic lifestyleMany people these days have a busy lifestyle.a stressful lifestyleA stressful lifestyle may lead to a number of medical problems. verbshave a healthy/simple etc lifestyleWe had very different lifestyles.change your lifestyleYou can help prevent heart disease by changing your lifestyle.maintain your lifestyle (=keep your lifestyle as it is)You cannot maintain this lifestyle on your income.lead a healthy/simple etc lifestyle (=live in a particular way)You can change your eating habits and lead a healthier lifestyle.live a healthy/simple etc lifestyleI had enough money to live a lavish lifestyle.lifestyle + NOUNa lifestyle changeThere are many ways in which we can save energy without making dramatic lifestyle changes.a lifestyle choice (=a choice about how you live)We can significantly reduce our risks of getting certain diseases through lifestyle choices.
Examples from the Corpus
lifestyleThe health and lifestyle survey has investigated some of these aspects.Even when in debt, he continued to enjoy an extravagant lifestyle.You really need to think about leading a healthier lifestyle.Aspects of individual lifestyle, as well as structural factors, are related to health.Hurst's lavish lifestyle is the stuff of legend.Assess how your possessions fit into your new lifestyle together.Undetected by their clothed neighbors, Michelle and her husband live a nudist lifestyle inside the walls of their own home.Certainly not enough to change an energy-profligate lifestyle.Some plantation families tried desperately to maintain their traditional lifestyle by pretending they still had slaves.an urban lifestyleYou can't change your lifestyle just because you've got a wife!healthy lifestyleWe also explain how you can revolutionise your eating habits and lead a healthier lifestyle.The borough council has drawn up the programme in a bid to highlight the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.We recognize, too, that a healthy lifestyle contributes more to looking good than skilfully used cosmetics.A balanced diet and daily physical exercise are the keys to a healthy lifestyle.Media coverage of issues relating to a healthy lifestyle is certainly extensive, but can be confusing.Expert groups in many Western countries have already decided to lobby for changes towards a healthier lifestyle without waiting for results.He hopes to influence thousands of children and young people to adopt healthy lifestyles.Programme LUNCH/ZMU/2/11/93 Well it's time for an unscheduled visit to one of our healthy lifestyle volunteers.
From Longman Business Dictionarylifestylelife‧style /ˈlaɪfstaɪl/ noun [countable] the way someone lives, including where they live, their job and the sort of things they spend money onMarket segmentation looks at how people differ in their lifestyles and attitudes towards products and purchases.the ultimate product range for the modern lifestyle
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