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light/comic relief

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlight/comic relieflight/comic reliefFUNNYa funny moment during a serious film, book, or situation a moment of comic relief relief
Examples from the Corpus
light/comic reliefAll we can say is that, between them, the team eventually raises £3,450 for Comic Relief charities.Then, for light relief, this page: murder and murder trials.For comic relief, obviously; but we also suspect a topical reference worth considering as evidence in the dating game.If it afforded the guardians a little light relief, the minutes do not suggest that the complaint was taken anything but seriously.After a day's work, it was a bit of light relief to use it.Her only light relief was Tony, who took her out every night.Cold people shake Comic Relief canisters.After this beginning some light relief must have been welcome.
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