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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlight-headedˌlight-ˈheaded adjective  CONFUSEDunable to think clearly or move steadily, for example during a fever or after drinking alcohol syn dizzy The sun and the wine had made him a little light-headed.light-headedness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
light-headedSandison, who had only had three or four glasses of wine, began to feel light-headed.She felt breathless, light-headed and as perfectly helpless as a butterfly whose wings had been pinned behind its back.She felt light-headed and it was not just the swift change from lying down to standing.I was surprised how weak and light-headed I felt on nipping out of my hospital bed to recover a dropped book.She felt light-headed, idiotically, illogically happy.She felt as if her mind was detached from her body, she was light-headed, incapable of decisions.She might be light-headed with fear, but she would not give this vile creature the pleasure of seeing it.The enormous relief at being released from that obligation made us light-headed with happiness.
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