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light the/somebody’s way

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlight the/somebody’s waylight the/somebody’s wayLIGHTto provide light for someone while they are going somewhere We had only a few torches between us to light the way. light
Examples from the Corpus
light the/somebody’s wayHe went upstairs, moving slowly in his light and silent way.Stripes of rock tilted and shimmered in the midday light.They went through, moving slowly, cautiously, side by side, using their lamps to light the way ahead of them.I look for the planktonic lanterns that sometimes light our way, but this night I do not see any bioluminescence.Fand and Liban came behind, but their spears didn't light the way, only set confusing reflections in the walls.He switched off the kitchen light on his way out.A cold grey light made its way round the corners of the curtains and trickled into the room.
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