Language: Old English
Origin: lihtan


3 verb
light3 S3 W3 past tense and past participle lit or lighted
1 [intransitive and transitive] to start to burn, or to make something start to burn:
He stopped to light a cigarette.
I lit the fire and poured a drink.
I couldn't get the candles to light.
2 [transitive usually passive] to provide light for a place:
The room was lit by one large, central light.
The porch is always well lit at night.
The kitchen was warm and brightly lit.
a poorly lit car park

light the/somebody's way

to provide light for someone while they are going somewhere:
We had only a few torches between us to light the way.

light on/upon something

phrasal verb
1 to notice or find something by chance:
His eye lit on a ruby ring.
I thought I might have lit upon an ancient manuscript.
2 if a bird or insect lights on something, it stops flying and stands on it

light out

phrasal verb
to run away, especially because you are afraid

light up

phrasal verb

light something ↔ up

to give light to a place or to shine light on something:
The flames lit up the sky.
The fountain is lit up at night.
2 to become bright with light or colour:
At night the harbour lights up.
As the screen lit up, he typed in his password.
a) if someone's face or eyes light up, they show pleasure, excitement etc
light up with
His eyes lit up with laughter.
Her face lit up with pleasure.

light something ↔ up

to make someone's face or eyes show pleasure or excitement:
Suddenly a smile lit up her face.
A mischievous gleam lit up her eyes.
4 informal to light a cigarette:
I watched Paul light up again.
to be burning: be on fire, be ablaze, be alight

to start burning: catch fire, burst into flames, ignite

to make something start burning: light, set fire to something

to make something stop burning: put out, extinguish

to hurt or damage your skin with hot liquid or steam: scald

the crime of deliberately setting fire to buildings: arson

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