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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlightinglight‧ing /ˈlaɪtɪŋ/ ●●○ S3 noun [uncountable]  LIGHTthe lights that light a room, building, or street, or the quality of the light produced Better street lighting might help to reduce crime.fluorescent/electric lighting Fluorescent lighting is much cheaper to use than light bulbs.subdued/dim/soft lighting (=lighting that is not very bright)artificial/natural lighting
Examples from the Corpus
lightingAdmittedly the décor and lighting help to create the illusion of changing seasons.Finally, an emergency lighting kit should always be ready in an accessible place, in case of a sudden power failure.Ideally lighting should be planned and installed before the walls and ceiling are decorated in case any re-wiring is necessary.Under the Energy Policy Act of 1992 old lighting units are being replaced or upgraded with more efficient types.Housed animals must have sufficient lighting to allow for their inspection at any time.Classroom teachers who look at the lighting in their classroom may question whether they are able to do anything positive to help.She hadn't known the lighting would play such an important part.Diminished revenue was reported on the trams, but increasing profits on the lighting side.The lighting isn't good for reading.street lightingTelevision broadcasting was to be reduced, as were air conditioning, street lighting and floodlit sports events.It also supplied and maintained the gas street lighting.Dozens of palm trees are being planted at key intersections, and plans are in the works to improve street lighting.Examples include street lighting and pollution control.The most successful of all proposals in the exhibition is to leave the existing building-mounted street lighting alone.We residents and poll tax payers of Everton have to endure little or no street lighting at all.Roseau, the capital, had primitive street lighting, no smart shops, and nowhere to post a letter.The buildings block out the street lighting.
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