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lightweightlight‧weight1 /ˈlaɪt-weɪt/ noun [countable]  1 UNIMPORTANTsomeone who has no importance or influence, or who does not have the ability to think deeply – used to show disapproval opp heavyweight an intellectual lightweight2 DSOa boxer who weighs less than 61.24 kilograms, and who is heavier than a featherweight but lighter than a welterweight3 LIGHT/NOT HEAVYsomeone or something of less than average weight
Examples from the Corpus
lightweightHis books are tremendously popular, but most of the critics regard him as a lightweight.Call me a lightweight, but I like movies with happy endings.But Clinton was already dismissed in London media circles as a poll-driven lightweight.This was a more rewarding point for the visitors, who have a far easier run-in against group lightweights.And therefore no slackers allowed! no deadwood! no lightweights! no loafers!Still, at 3,900 pounds, the A8 Quattro is no lightweight.It would be dangerous to dismiss her as a political lightweight.Ellen said he was a political lightweight whose stagecraft was better than his statecraft.a political lightweightBut too many in the industry consider the band talentless lightweights for it to earn this kind of endorsement.This is the third lightweight I have owned, but the first 24 volt one.
lightweightlightweight2 adjective  1 LIGHT/NOT HEAVYweighing less than average syn light a torch made from lightweight plastic2 lightweight clothing or material is thin, so you can wear it in warm weather a lightweight jacket3 UNIMPORTANTshowing a lack of serious thought – used to show disapproval a lightweight novel
Examples from the Corpus
lightweightPushchairs should be lightweight and compact, easy to fold and capable of withstanding rough treatment.Today's baby buggies are lightweight, compact, and easy to fold.a lightweight computerCarl Smith won the lightweight division for a record eighth time.Across the country, amateurs are using their lightweight, inexpensive camcorders to broaden news coverage.The exercise is designed to test techniques for deploying large but lightweight inflatable structures.a strong, lightweight material such as titaniumAt King Saud Mosque, Jeddah, we covered a large courtyard with an opening lightweight metal roof.lightweight novelsOnion skin a translucent lightweight paper used in air mail stationery.First there is a vibrating belt, which bounces the lightweight shells away from the heavier nuts.a lightweight summer suitBut the engine has been thoroughly updated by electronic management, aluminum block and heads, and lightweight valve train.
From Longman Business Dictionarylightweightlight‧weight1 /ˈlaɪt-weɪt/ noun [countable] someone or something that has very little influence or importanceThe furniture division had long been an industry lightweight.lightweightlightweight2 adjective1weighing less than similar productsa lightweight sports cara lightweight computer2lightweight books, television programmes etc are not serious and are made mainly to entertain peopleThe magazines contain a mix of information andlightweight entertainment.
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