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lignitelig‧nite /ˈlɪɡnaɪt/ noun [uncountable]  TPGa soft substance like coal, used as fuel
Examples from the Corpus
ligniteIt is high country, with some moderately good agricultural land and substantial deposits of lignite and nonferrous metals.Commercially viable deposits of lignite were confined to the area around Lough Neagh in the early 1980s.It believes it has proven the existence of 350 million tonnes of lignite at Ballymoney.For dry distillation of coal or lignite and 6.The proposed lignite development in Northern Ireland is strongly in line with Thatcherite ideology.The Montagne is dotted with small lignite mines, many deserted, which have traditionally supplied the Champagne grower.Major discoveries of Tertiary lignite have recently been made in Northern Ireland.It was also expected that this decision would lead to the building of a power station to use the lignite.
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