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like a shot

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlike a shotlike a shotIMMEDIATELYif you do something like a shot, you do it very quickly and eagerly If he asked me to go to Africa with him, I’d go like a shot! shot
Examples from the Corpus
like a shotSometimes they fall over one another, like shots from a rapid-fire camera.He asked Jeter if he'd like a shot at it.Travis had left the door open - she seized her chance, and was through it like a shot.She'd be off to Legoland like a shot, to see that caretaker, if Henry said anything.She slammed the phone down and was out of the room like a shot.It is not a direct stimulant, like a shot of adrenaline.The great majority, once they breach the system and hear the telltale whine, are out of there like a shot.I'd tell you like a shot if we ever got into a real jam.
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