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like I say/said

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlike I say/saidlike I say/saidspokenREPEAT used when you are repeating something that you have already said Like I said, I don’t mind helping out on the day. I’m sorry, but, like I say, she’s not here at the moment. like
Examples from the Corpus
like I say/saidBut they're mostly like I say.Answer, like I said everybody had materials on that rug.And like I said, he won't be getting his kicks from smashing up other people's property.Okay, I can picture it happening, like I said I have, one of those things that happen.Like I said, I really appreciate your help.But like I say now, I want nice furniture to go along with it.Anyway, like I said, she wants to make you some food, man.
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