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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlikenesslike‧ness /ˈlaɪknəs/ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]LIKE/SIMILAR the quality of being similar in appearance to someone or something syn resemblancelikeness to Hugh’s uncanny likeness to his father I can see the family likeness.2 [countable]PICTURE a painting or photograph of a person, especially one that looks very like the persongood/perfect/true etc likenesslikeness of That’s a remarkable likeness of Julia.
Examples from the Corpus
likenessDmitri claimed there was a likeness, but I could never see it.These are likenesses of the man who committed those attacks.In the first place, coins can supply portraits of persons for whom we have no other likeness.His own likeness appears squeezed in above his initials in the right-hand corner.Jonas's expression hardened to a remarkable likeness of his grandson's.He likens creation to a painter mixing just four pigments to form the likenesses of all things.The likeness was remarkably good, certainly enough for a quick check at Immigration.In this church we have a striking and unusual likeness of a home.likeness toThey joked about Phillip's likeness to his father.good/perfect/true etc likenessA fair painting; free in style but at the same time a good likeness.
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