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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlikewiselike‧wise /ˈlaɪk-waɪz/ ●○○ AWL adverb  1 formalAND/ALSO in the same way syn similarly Nanny put on a shawl and told the girls to do likewise.[sentence adverb] The clams were delicious. Likewise, the eggplant was excellent.2 likewise
Examples from the Corpus
likewiseCara recognized it as typical West Riding segregation, the men together, the women likewise.Her brother Martin, a Guardian reporter and steam-train enthusiast, did likewise.In this vague sense animals likewise choose, and are aware and intelligent by our definitions.Ervin is likewise considered a world-class horn player in constant demand.And because the bank lends on a large scale, its failures are likewise on a large scale.Whatever decorative covering had concealed the entrance had likewise rotted into dust.do likewiseI put on my life jacket and told the children to do likewise.As long as animals eat unhealthy plants, the vets will have to do likewise.He encouraged neighbors to do likewise.I fail to see why giants like Central Point and Symantec can't do likewise.I suggest we all do likewise.My father spent days peering through a microscope at ichneumon flies, and he wanted me to do likewise.Olivier turned it down flat and tried to persuade Vivien to do likewise.The royals should be told to do likewise.The School Board is writing to support this initiative, and it would be most helpful if you could do likewise.
likewiselikewisespokenAND/ALSO used to return someone’s greeting or polite statement ‘You’re always welcome at our house.’ ‘Likewise.’ likewise
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