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limestonelime‧stone /ˈlaɪmstəʊn $ -stoʊn/ noun [uncountable]  HEGa type of rock that contains calcium
Examples from the Corpus
limestoneSections have been cut through well-preserved coral in limestone.Some degraded sections of higher level limestone on present reef flats may represent interglacial or Post-glacial higher sea levels.There is little limestone left in the cave, and the existing formations tend to be dusty.Under dark trees outcrops of limestone form even darker shapes.Diving into woods with old limestone spoil heaps and scrubby clearings is like discovering a stash of lost gems.In southern Britain there are many such sudden changes mainly between clay lowlands and escarpments of chalk or oolitic limestone.The calcareous skeletons of this distinctive species have weathered out from the limestone matrix.The limestone was deposited in very quiet water conditions, which accounts for the preservation of this delicate little fossil.
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