lim‧it‧ed W2
1 not very great in amount, number, ability etc
limited number/amount/time etc
There are only a limited number of tickets available.
My knowledge of the business is limited.
The organization has very limited resources.
So far, the education reforms have had only limited success.
(be of) limited use/value
Unfortunately, the drug is of limited value in treating cancer.


written abbreviation LtdBBC used after the name of British business companies that have limited liability
WORD FOCUS: company WORD FOCUS: company
similar words: firm, business

a big company: corporation, multinational, conglomerate

an Internet company: dot-com

a company that is owned by a larger company: subsidiary, affiliate

abbreviations used in company names: Ltd (Limited)
(Public Limited Company) British English, Pty. (Proprietary) used in Australia and South Africa

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