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limousinelim‧ou‧sine /ˈlɪməziːn, ˌlɪməˈziːn/ noun [countable]  1 TTCa very large, expensive, and comfortable car, driven by someone who is paid to drive2 TTCa small bus that people take to and from airports in the US
Examples from the Corpus
limousineIn New York, he often has used a car and driver provided by a limousine service.He would be picked up by a limousine in the morning.Ten minutes later Lou Collins was back in his Company limousine, heading towards London.Ride up and down in a chauffeur-driven limousine, smoking big cigars.He moves from hotel to hall in sleek limousines.By the time Bodie reached the dusk-lit Embassy in Kensington, the limousine had arrived at its front steps.In the rear seat of the limousine Galvone was fiddling with his listening apparatus.Other than the dark, waxed limousine, the space was devoid of furniture.
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