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line manager

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line managerˈline ˌmanager noun [countable] British English  1 BBBa manager in a company who is responsible for the main activities of production, sales etc2 somebody’s line manager
Examples from the Corpus
line managerAll these convey an organisational unit headed by a line manager.During the time they have off they are kept in touch with what is going on at work by their line manager.You should first fill in an entry form to your local scheme - forms are available from your line manager.In most cases, you will be required to request permission from your line manager before engaging in any political activity.
From Longman Business Dictionaryline managerˈline ˌmanagerHUMAN RESOURCESJOB a manager who is directly in charge of producing goods or providing services, and who works most closely with ordinary employeesWe must give more authority to line managers to make operations more responsive to customers. manager
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