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line of scrimmage

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line of scrimmageˌline of ˈscrimmage noun [countable]  DSAa line in American football where the ball is placed at the beginning of a period of play
Examples from the Corpus
line of scrimmageBut there was a penalty flag back at the line of scrimmage.Bruener wants to keep Haley at the line of scrimmage and will try to hook him back inside to do so.They overpowered the Jets at the line of scrimmage, ushering Aska toward 136 rushing yards.There was no question who controlled the line of scrimmage.They will put eight men up near the line of scrimmage ready to take the run away.Hearst is the kind of runner who just needs a crease to slip through the line of scrimmage.He gained the 15 it took to get back to the line of scrimmage, then another 8.Budanski staggers back to the line of scrimmage.
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