Date: 1300-1400
Origin: line 'flax', from Old English lin; LINEN


2 verb
Related topics: Clothes and Fashion
line2 [transitive]
1DC to sew a piece of material onto the inside or back of another piece to make it stronger or warmer:
Are those curtains lined?
line something with something
a leather coat lined with silk
2 to form a layer over the inner surface of something:
The birds use small leaves for lining their nests.
line something with something
The cage should be lined with straw.
3 to form rows along the sides of something:
Crowds lined the route to the palace.
be lined with something
The street was lined with small shops.
a tree-lined avenue

line your own pockets

to make yourself richer, especially by doing something dishonest - used to show disapproval

line up

phrasal verb
1 if people line up, or if you line them up, they stand in a row or line, or you make them do this:
Line up, everybody!
line somebody ↔ up
He lined us all up in the corridor.

line something ↔ up

to arrange things in a row:
I lined the bottles up on the sideboard.

line something ↔ up

to move one thing so that it is in the correct position in relation to something else
line something ↔ up with
The windows should be lined up with the door frame.

line somebody/something ↔ up

to arrange for something to happen or for someone to be available for an event:
We've lined up some excellent speakers for tonight.
He's already got a new job lined up.

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