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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlingolin‧go /ˈlɪŋɡəʊ $ -ɡoʊ/ noun [countable usually singular] informal  1 LANGUAGEa language, especially a foreign one I’d like to go to Greece, but I don’t speak the lingo.2 LANGUAGEwords or expressions used only by a particular group of people, or at a particular period of time academic lingo
Examples from the Corpus
lingoIn computer lingo, a million bytes is commonly referred to as one megabyte.And not much chance of Fishy learning enough of the local lingo to set up a sting like this.He picked up the local lingo straight away."Deliver the package" is pilot lingo for dropping a bomb on a target.In the lingo of the Cold War, who had turned whom?In the lingo of modern thinking, the human is part of the loop.Consumers have no say in this arrangement; they are expected to simply buy the new devices and learn the lingo.Travelling in Spain is much easier if you can speak the lingo.I'd like to go to Greece, but I don't speak the lingo.Tourists navigated with resigned expressions: this was Holiday and at least you could understand the lingo.He picked up the lingo right away, but I can't get any kind of fix on it.speak the lingoHis son is probably the guy in the Guinness Draught ad, who is no tourist because he speaks the lingo.
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