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linguisticlin‧guis‧tic /lɪŋˈɡwɪstɪk/ ●●○ adjective  SLLANGUAGErelated to language, words, or linguistics a child’s linguistic developmentlinguistically /-kli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
linguisticIt is difficult to obtain accurate information on which to base an assessment of a child's linguistic abilities.The data presented here suggest that social network structure is implicated in processes of linguistic change in at least two ways.They underline the right of migrant workers to express freely their ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic characteristics.Hearing difficulties can slow down a child's linguistic development.Especially in large urban areas, a particular linguistic feature of a regional dialect might well be influenced by social factors.The second solution is to regard linguistic knowledge or competence as a characteristic of the individual child.The linguistic phenomena we see in the texts reflect not classical fusion of law but post-classical confusion of language.Wright's system for cursive script recognition has efficient low-level processing but relies on a dictionary and higher level linguistic processing.The linguistic sign as type we can call the symbol.In such a system, visual and auditory linguistic signifiers are in changing, unstable correspondence with the concepts they stand for.linguistic skills
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