Language: Old English
Origin: lippa


Related topics: Nature, Human
lip W2
1 [countable]HBH one of the two soft parts around your mouth where your skin is redder or darker
upper/lower/top/bottom lip
His bottom lip was swollen.
She had big eyes and full lips (=large and round lips).
Matt opened the door with a smile on his lips.
Marty kissed me right on the lips!
thin-lipped/thick-lipped/full-lipped (=having lips that are thin, or large and round)
Stephen pursed his lips with distaste (=brought them together tightly into a small circle).
2 [countable]DN the edge of a hollow or deep place in the land
lip of
the old road that ran along the lip of the gorge
3 [countable usually singular] the edge of something you use to hold or pour liquid [= rim]
4 [uncountable] informal talk that is not polite or respectful - used especially by adults to children [= cheek]:
Don't give me any of your lip!

my lips are sealed

spoken used to say that you will not tell anyone about a secret

on everyone's lips

being talked about by everyone:
an actress whose name is on everyone's lips

➔ bite your lip

at bite1 (1)

➔ lick your lips

at lick1 (5)

➔ not pass somebody's lips

at pass1 (24)

➔ read somebody's lips

at read1 (18)

➔ smack your lips

at smack1 (3)

➔ a stiff upper lip

at stiff1 (10)

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