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liplip /lɪp/ ●●● S3 W2 noun  1 [countable]HBH one of the two soft parts around your mouth where your skin is redder or darkerupper/lower/top/bottom lip His bottom lip was swollen. She had big eyes and full lips (=large and round lips). Matt opened the door with a smile on his lips. Marty kissed me right on the lips!thin-lipped/thick-lipped/full-lipped (=having lips that are thin, or large and round) Stephen pursed his lips with distaste (=brought them together tightly into a small circle). tight-lipped2 [countable]DN the edge of a hollow or deep place in the landlip of the old road that ran along the lip of the gorge3 [countable usually singular]DFU the edge of something you use to hold or pour liquid syn rim4 [uncountable] informalRUDE/IMPOLITE talk that is not polite or respectful – used especially by adults to children syn cheek Don’t give me any of your lip!5 my lips are sealed6 on everyone’s lips bite your lip at bite1(1), → lick your lips at lick1(5), → not pass somebody’s lips at pass1(24), → read somebody’s lips at read1(18), → smack your lips at smack1(3), → a stiff upper lip at stiff1(11)
Examples from the Corpus
lipYou're fined sixpence for lip.Sometimes her lips moved and she muttered something in a low tone.He had his eyes shut and his lips moved devoutly.He licks his lips nervously, but he doesn't move.Her lower lip was red and swollen.He was sitting on the wooden lip of the hot tub.upper/lower/top/bottom lipHolding his bundle of papers with both hands, he stared at Langford accusingly, lower lip pushed out.His teeth closed lightly on her bottom lip.He was biting his lower lip.He stroked his bottom lip with his tongue.Her long upper lip is drawn down taut.The stiff upper lip is a barrier against the trembling which could lead to tears.With hands in sleeves, the old man looked extremely Oriental, long moustaches curving down from the upper lip.He gnawed at his thick lower lip or blew smoke in my direction.lip ofthe lip of the canyongive ... lipThat they were now even giving lip service to these ideas is significant.I gave lip going to the gym, or really getting any exercise-except running for a plane.But Fong did riot give Lip the search.They gave money; they gave lip service.But the 49ers, while they give lip service to making the team younger, are more interested in short-term results.Now Ribicoff and the others were giving him lip, and he was telling them where they could go.
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