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liquid assets

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishliquid assetsˌliquid ˈassets noun [plural]  technicalBFL the money that a company or person has, and the property they can exchange for money
Examples from the Corpus
liquid assetsThe need for short-term, highly liquid assets is low.This is M4plus various other holdings of liquid assets.At certain times, banks may decide that it is prudent to hold a bigger proportion of liquid assets.Why do building societies hold a higher proportion of liquid assets than do pension funds? 2.But then the discount houses in turn may be short of liquid assets to meet this demand.Consider the following simple illustration of a one bank economy where a 10 percent liquid assets ratio must be maintained.With a 10 percent liquid assets ratio what will be the new balance sheet figures? 7.They may also do so if they anticipate that their liquid assets may soon be squeezed by government monetary policy.
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