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liquidationliq‧ui‧da‧tion /ˌlɪkwəˈdeɪʃən/ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 BFLthe act of closing a company by selling the things that belong to it, in order to pay its debts Hundreds of small businesses went into liquidation (=were closed).2 BFLthe act of paying a debt
Examples from the Corpus
liquidationBoro have been involved in photo-finishes since the 1986 liquidation crisis, while Lawrence performed a permanent highwire act at Charlton Athletic.A director is not an employee of the company and is not entitled to preferential payment when the company goes into liquidation.Neither wants to accept responsibility for the repairs needed since the previous contractor went into liquidation.The retailer said inventory liquidation sales will begin next week at the 86 stores, at sites across the country.It may, for example, involve liquidation fraud, where a company voluntarily goes into liquidation to avoid its responsibilities.But his group also faces the threat of liquidation proceedings over a A$150million disputed indemnity agreement.The liquidator therefore claimed for recovery of the deficit on liquidation.And so he overlooks liquidation of twenty million people in Soviet Union.went into liquidationIn mid-1985 Berg went into liquidation with a deficit of some £15m.The Thames and Chilterns Tourist Board went into liquidation last month amid allegations that it had been living beyond its means.Continental Assurance Company went into liquidation last month with estimated debts of £6.8m.The receiving company went into liquidation the following month.Neither wants to accept responsibility for the repairs needed since the previous contractor went into liquidation.Some problems emerged in Liverpool when one company associated with the site went into liquidation.Remember Ti'ko, the computer company that went into liquidation last November?
From Longman Business Dictionaryliquidationliq‧ui‧da‧tion /ˌlɪkwəˈdeɪʃən/ noun [countable, uncountable]FINANCE1the action of selling an investmentManila’s market dropped 26.08 points following a liquidation of foreign investments.2when a company stops operating because it is in financial difficulty and its assets are sold to pay its debtsCreditors have taken steps to force the studio into liquidation.No doubt more firms will go into liquidation because they took on too much debt. compulsory liquidation voluntary liquidation
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