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liquidatorliq‧ui‧da‧tor /ˈlɪkwədeɪtə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  BFLan official whose job is to close a company and use any money obtained to pay its debts
Examples from the Corpus
liquidatorLiquidation World acts as a liquidator for banks, receivers, insurance companies and others.A liquidator was appointed for one of the companies, and actions were commenced against the guarantors.But the financial press was premature in reporting Cork Gully's appointment as liquidator.The statements had furthermore been made in confidence and the liquidators claimed public interest immunity.Bosses at Reads in Bootle called in the liquidator after battling for more than a year against cash flow problems.The recession deepened as the 1870s proceeded, and by 1879 Skerne Iron Works had called in the liquidator.As a result, the liquidator estimates the company is owed £1.6 million for machines that were never paid for.The liquidator of the sole company in liquidation indeed assigned the cause of action to him.
From Longman Business Dictionaryliquidatorliq‧ui‧da‧tor /ˈlɪkwədeɪtə-ər/ noun [countable usually plural]FINANCE a professional person or organization whose job is liquidating companies in financial difficulty SYN RECEIVERThe liquidators are unlikely to pay more than 10 cents on every dollar owed by the failed bank.
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