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list price

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list priceˈlist price noun [countable]  BBTa price that is suggested for a product by the people who make it
Examples from the Corpus
list priceAvailable from the end of last month, the kit will have a list price of £150, the company says.FrontPage will be sold as a separate product, with a list price of $ 695.The current list price for this model is just £11,295.Its list price is $ 299.Trade discount is an allowance made off the catalogue or list price of goods given by a wholesaler to a retailer.Despite all evidence to the contrary, the list price of the SE-40 is $ 980.Most shoppers know that only cave dwellers would pay the list price for electronics goods, for example.
From Longman Business Dictionarylist priceˈlist price [countable]FINANCE another name for CATALOGUE PRICE price
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