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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlitlit /lɪt/  x-refa past tense and past participle of light
Examples from the Corpus
litThen they wrapped me in a dark cloud, which the crystal lit from inside.A small smile lit her lips.More solemn shadows flared as he lit his pipe, the sound of the drawing air strained and high.The curtain goes up on a bare, brightly lit stage.She put on her robe, lit the candle and went on tip-toe down the back stairs and into the kitchen.Tom put the blacks up in the front room, crashed around in the darkness and lit the gas and oil lamps.When the fire was lit, the sorcerer threw a powder on the flames and said a magic charm.The Moulin Rougestaff steer them all to their tables in the auditorium, which is lit with small pink lamps.
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lit.lit. (also lit British English)ALthe abbreviation of literature or literary French lit
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