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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishliteratilit‧e‧ra‧ti /ˌlɪtəˈrɑːti/ noun   the literati
Examples from the Corpus
literatiI played with a few of the new titles, with lots of technical assistance from some computer literati.He belonged to a family of literati.Where the transitions were more subtle, as in changing cultural conceptions among the literati, the Jesuits were less successful.It became a centre for the young, the radical, and the literati of that city.The Drummond Hotel A favourite haunt of the literati.I disagree that all us members of the literati do not suffer from the continuing triumph of the political and economic statusquo.They soon recognized the humble status of these priests and so adopted the more revered robes of the literati.Of the literati in their thrall, Budd Schulberg emerged as the writer who told you most about the bouts.
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