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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishliveablelive‧a‧ble especially British English, livable especially American English /ˈlɪvəbəl/ adjective  1 a situation that is liveable is satisfactory but not good syn bearable Having the children had made his life more liveable.2 a) (also liveable in British English) good enough to live in syn habitable We need to do more to make the neighborhood more livable. b) nice to live in It’s one of the most liveable cities in the US.3 a livable wage/salary
Examples from the Corpus
liveableThe rest is done because somebody has to do it, if life is to be liveable.The Toronto Protocol is entitled: Public Transport -- a major contributor to liveable communities and sustainable development.It makes this cell more liveable in.It was not a comfortable environment for the boarders, but its very shabbiness made it liveable in.Clearly, exclusion of through traffic is a necessary but not sufficient condition for creating safe and liveable streets.
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