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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlived-inˈlived-in adjective  1 OLD/NOT NEWlived-in places or clothes look as though they have been used or worn a lot – use this to show approvala lived-in look/feel The most fashionable jeans this winter have a lived-in look.2 someone who has a lived-in face looks fairly old and as though they have had a lot of interesting experiences
Examples from the Corpus
lived-inThe flickering lamp above their heads and the patches of colour round the walls gave the room a cosy lived-in air.One lived-in cabin also had a grassy roof, as if the craft of thatching had died out locally.His 50-year-old lived-in face smiled not out of embarrassment, rather out of nostalgic reflection.It is not of overwhelming proportions and is presented as near as possible to a lived-in family home, rather than a museum.The conservatory still has an old, lived-in feel, which is exactly the atmosphere the Michies wanted.Give your house that lived-in look.The best-looking sweaters this winter have a familiar, lived-in look.These faces all look lived-in, world-weary even.a lived-in look/feelCorduroy has a lived-in look and demands very little maintenance.
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