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lividliv‧id /ˈlɪvɪd/ adjective  1 ANGRYextremely angry syn furious She was absolutely livid that he had lied.see thesaurus at angry2 CC formal a mark on your skin that is livid is dark blue and grey livid bruises3 literaryBRIGHT a face that is livid is very pale
Examples from the Corpus
livid"Was she angry when you arrived so late?" "She was livid!"I know I shouldn't have spoken to Suzanne like that, but I was absolutely livid.His face was livid and bloody.Beyond the harbour low waves formed, their crests as livid as sapphires.Saturday I woke up livid at six in the morning, brooding over Caroline.A livid bruise welled on her cheek where Matchsticks had struck her.His livid eyes floated in the rearview mirror.I was so livid I just ripped up the letter.Lumps of steak pie; livid red meat, clammy puff pastry.My father is quietly livid, staring down at his drink.Dozens of Glories were parked around the Monument, which was lit livid white by their blazing headlights.
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