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living expenses

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishliving expensesliving expensesthe money you need to spend in order to live, for example on food or a house His tuition is paid, but he’ll work to cover his living expenses. live
Examples from the Corpus
living expensesMost of my paycheck just goes to living expenses.But that money's for his work ... not for living expenses.Couples who register pledge to be jointly responsible for their basic living expenses.It gave us medical coverage and helped cover our living expenses.Then there is an estimate of how much was required or expended for his own personal and living expenses.So after living expenses and charity there's not a lot left over.They borrowed more money for living expenses, then the second mortgage of £16,000 from a company call Dorend.At present the county council pays his tuition fees and we pay his living expenses, which we can continue.
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