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living quarters

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishliving quartersliving quartersthe part of a building where people live, especially a building that is used by many people or is used for several different purposes the White House living quarters live
Examples from the Corpus
living quartersHamilton had disappeared through the connecting passage which led to their living quarters.We visited the chapel and then headed for the living quarters.To those used to claustrophobic living quarters and the isolation of island living, a mini-Bio2 seems positively charming.The teens, agitated by their restriction, were randomly leaving their living quarters and vehemently hurling obscenities and spitting at staff.They were transferring it to living quarters attached to the hospital.But the park's present elephants are eager to inspect their £250,000 living quarters before they move in.The living quarters of servants undoubtedly improved.I tend to be work-oriented and my living quarters seem to have shrunk, year by year, to this miniature state.
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