2 verb
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1 [intransitive and transitive] also load up to put a large quantity of something into a vehicle or container [≠ unload]:
Have you finished loading up?
It took an hour to load the van.
Will you help me load the dishwasher?
load something into/onto something
Emma loaded all the groceries into the car.
He loaded the cups onto a tray.
load something with something
She loaded up the car with camping gear.
2 [transitive] to put a necessary part into something in order to make it work, for example bullets into a gun or film into a camera
load something with something
Did you load it with 200 or 400 film?
load something into something
Can you load the CD into the player, please?
3TD [intransitive and transitive]TD to put a program into a computer, or to be put into a computer:
The program takes a while to load.
To load the file, press the 'return' key.
4 [intransitive] also load up if a ship, aircraft etc loads, goods are put onto it:
The first ship to load at the new port was the 'Secil Angola'.
load with
The boat called at Lerwick to load up with fresh vegetables.

load somebody/something ↔ down

phrasal verb
1 [usually passive] to give someone more work or problems than they can deal with [= weigh down]
be/feel loaded down with something
Jane felt loaded down with money worries.
2 to make someone carry too many things [= weigh down]
be loaded down with something
I was loaded down with bags so I took a taxi.

load up on something

phrasal verb
to get a lot of something so that you are sure you will have enough [= stock up (on)]:
People were loading up on bottled water.

load somebody (up) with something

phrasal verb
to give someone a lot of things, especially things they have to carry

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