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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishloadedload‧ed /ˈləʊdɪd $ ˈloʊ-/ adjective  1 gun/cameraFULL containing bullets, film etc a loaded pistol2 fullCARRY a loaded vehicle or container is full of things a loaded trailer She came back carrying a loaded tray.loaded with a truck loaded with bananas3 rich [not before noun] informalRICH very rich Giles can afford it – he’s loaded.4 loaded with something5 word/statementMEANING a loaded word, statement etc has more meanings than you first realize and is intended to influence the way you think He ‘deserved’ it? That’s a loaded word. There was a loaded silence.6 a loaded question7 drunk [not before noun] American English informalDRUNK very drunk Greg used to come home loaded almost every night.
8 the dice/odds are loaded against somebody/something9 something is loaded against somebody/something10 loaded dice
Examples from the Corpus
loadedCarter's family is loaded.This drop was overcome by means of an inclined plane, up and down which the loaded barges were carried on trolleys.Nick, the ever-ready surveyor, whipped out his loaded camera and reeled off a few shots of the thief.a loaded cameraA fully loaded civilian plane crashes in mid-air with an armed military plane over Catterick Garrison.The drag of the loaded inflatable had slowed the catamaran so that they were making a bare five knots.That gun's not loaded, is it?a loaded truckpolitically loaded words
LoadedLoaded trademark  a British magazine for young men, which has articles on sex, music, cars, sport etc, as well as interviews with famous people. The language used is very informal and often very rude, and there are usually pictures of women wearing very little clothing. New LadFrom Longman Business Dictionaryloadedload‧ed /ˈləʊdədˈloʊ-/ adjectiveTRANSPORT carrying a load of goodsa fully loaded truckloaded witha ship loaded with 5,000 tons of South Korean rice
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